Sigil (EPUB电子书编辑器) v2.2.0 官方中文版【绿色软件】


ePub(Electronic Publication 的缩写,意为:电子出版),是一个自由的开放标准,属于一种可以“自动重新编排”的内容;也就是文字内容可以根据阅读设备的特性,以最适于阅读的方式显示。


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EPub 档案 内部使用了 XHTML 或 DTBook (一种由 DAISY Consortium 提出的 XML 标准)来展现文字、并以 zip 压缩格式来包裹档案 内容。

EPub 格式中包含了数位版权管理(DRM)相关功能可供选用。

Sigil 的运用方式类似于微软办公软件,方便用户上手使用。现在,Sigil可以输入 TXT,HTML 和 EPUB 等文件格式,输出 EPUB 和 SGF(Sigil 原格式)文件格式。支持简体中文界面。


New Features

  • add support for Windows live switching from dark to light and light to dark modes
  • add support for Linux kde and gtk3 live switching from dark to light and light to dark modes
  • add new environment variable: SIGIL_PREVIEW_TIMEOUT (in milliseconds) to allow user control of the Preview updating intervals, valid range 100 - 10000. default value: 1000. Set only once at Sigil startup.
  • add new Find and Replace targets: Selected SVG files, Selected Javascript Files, and Selected Misc XML
  • add new Find and Replace Regular Expression menu option: Unicode Property (*UCP)
  • add ability to rename files when new name is just a case variant on case insensitive filesystems
  • extended the number of clips that can be assigned to toolbars (total now of 60 clips supported)
  • Accessibility improvements:
  • add abiity to highlight the widget with current focus (Thanks BeckyEbook)
  • add ability to double text insertion point width throughout Sigil
  • Extend Python Plugin Interface with info on preferred font mangling information
  • replacement strings in F&R can now use \x{hhhh} hex escape codes to represent unicode characters numerically

Other Changes

  • There will be no more built-in HighDPI settings in Sigil's prefs. If you have special needs in that regard, you can still set your own Qt highdpi environment variables.

Bug Fixes

  • reformating css with multiline now adds space after selector comma
  • add in bulk resource move and use bulk delete to handle epubs with thousands of files
  • add in bulk resource rename to handle epubs with thousands of files
  • if Replace has focus and Find done, CodeView should get focus (Thanks BeckyEbook)
  • fix dark mode Toolbar continuation symbols for Windows (Thank you BeckyEbook)
  • fixed bug in Save-As context menu action in ImageTabs
  • fix dark mode live switching on macOS issues qith QTreeView and QStandardItemModels
  • fix bug in missing CharToEntity in the Create TOC process
  • fix TabManager tab close symbol on macOS to match that used in dockwidgets
  • use Unciode NormalizationForm C inside Sigil and for io
  • fix macOS stuck at Maximized size issue


Sigil (EPUB电子书编辑器) v2.2.0 官方中文版【绿色软件】-晓白博客网
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