Supermium 浏览器 v122.0.6261.152(R6)


Supermium 是一款基于谷歌浏览器的修改版,最大的特点是能让你在 Windows xp 或者 Windows 7 体验最新 Chromium 内核。



For users who have difficultly applying flags through the chrome://flags interface, the core "classic" switches can be made part of the Supermium shortcut in the installer, or be used through a script in the Supermium folder named "Supermium (Classic)". Similar options are available for ungoogled-supermium mode, to help ensure that the user does not compromise their privacy by ever opening the browser in "googled" mode.

-Reported Media Foundation screensharing crashes on Windows 10 fixed
-(#441 and others) DirectWrite rendering of PDF documents fixed on Windows 8 and above
-(#307) Rectangular tabs introduced with --rectangular-tabs switch
-Outline around square address bar/Omnibox introduced with --classic-omnibox switch
-(#431, #474) --ungoogled-supermium switch, blocks all involuntary connections to Google, can be invoked in installer-created shortcut. Level of access to Google services is similar to stock ungoogled-chromium
-(#471) Internet Options now accessible from "system proxy settings" button in Settings
-(#477, #498 and others) File dialogs on Windows XP now save with default extension appended, except for "All Files" where no extension will be appended
-(#505) Further optimizations introduced
- --classic-omnibox introduced to reduce rounding of Omnibox elements; --classic-omnibox-border introduced
to provide grey borders
-(#359) --disable-alternate-ds switch removes alternate data streams from downloaded items
-(#507) Loading of very large images with compression rates greater than 99% in certain cases is blocked, especially where the images will allocate hundreds of megabytes of memory (specifically, subreddit icons on modern Reddit).
-(#515) Password manager crash fixed on Windows XP/2003


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