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Moonlight PC是一款开源的PC客户端,它支持NVIDIA GameStream技术,可以在Windows、Mac和Linux操作系统上实现硬件加速视频解码。支持多种编解码器,包括H.264、HEVC和AV1(需要Sunshine和支持的主机GPU)。它还支持HDR流媒体和7.1环绕声音频,为玩家提供沉浸式的游戏体验。在触控方面,Moonlight PC支持10点多点触控(仅限Sunshine)。对于喜欢使用游戏手柄的玩家,Moonlight PC也提供了丰富的支持,包括力反馈和运动控制功能,最多可容纳16名玩家同时游戏。












End of Support Notices:

  • Windows: v6.0.x will be the final release series supporting OSes older than Windows 10 1809 and Windows Server 2019
  • Windows: v6.0.x will be the final release series supporting 32-bit versions of Windows
  • macOS: v6.0.x will be the final release series supporting macOS verisons older than Big Sur

New Features:

  • HDR is now supported on Steam Deck and other HDR-capable Linux systems using a new Vulkan-based renderer
    • By default, the new Vulkan renderer is only used for HDR streaming, but it can be used all the time by setting the PREFER_VULKAN=1 environment variable
  • Vulkan Video decoding of H.264, HEVC, and AV1 is now supported using the new Vulkan renderer on Linux
  • A new Metal-based renderer is now used on most macOS systems for increased streaming performance and reduced latency
  • Both notched and notch-free native resolution options are now provided on Apple Silicon Macs
  • Full E2E stream encryption is now supported when streaming from Sunshine v0.22 or later
  • Initiating a stream via the command-line will now automatically wake the target machine if it is sleeping
  • Error codes are now displayed in the connection termination dialog
  • Detailed PC state information is now available via the new "View Details" context menu option (similar to the Android client)
  • The performance overlay can now be configured to appear by default when starting a stream

Behavior Changes:

  • The selected bitrate is no longer silently adjusted by Moonlight based upon the video codec or HDR mode
    • You may need to adjust your bitrate setting slightly to get the same effective bitrate as prior Moonlight versions
  • The selected mouse mode when starting a stream no longer influences the acceleration curve when the mouse mode is toggled using the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M key combo while streaming
  • The compatibility block on Nvidia Optimus has been lifted, so Moonlight will now run on the discrete GPU if configured to in Nvidia Control Panel
  • Game Mode is disabled due to various reports of macOS Sonoma bugs affecting Moonlight and limited performance benefit (#1170 and #1297)
  • The D3D11 renderer is now preferred over D3D9 for all streaming scenarios on Windows 10 or later
  • Per-session keys (rikey and rikeyid values) are now automatically stripped from logs
  • Log messages on Linux will now be logged to stderr rather than stdout
  • Log messages on Windows will print to stderr instead of a separate log file if stderr has been redirected
  • Hardcoded fallback paths for VAAPI and VDPAU drivers are now only used by the AppImage package
  • EGL is now always used instead of GLX for loading OpenGL in X11 environments on non-x86 platforms for improved compatibility with some embedded devices

Platform Support Improvements:

  • Linux4Tegra packages are now provided for Ubuntu 22.04 and 24.04
  • Debian Bookworm and Ubuntu Jammy/Noble packages are now built with Wayland support
  • The CONFIG+=vulkanslow qmake option is now provided for embedded systems with a slow Vulkan implementation to prefer hardware YUV-RGB conversion and scaling rather than using Vulkan
  • For systems where GPU scaling and color conversion is slow regardless of which API is used, CONFIG+=gpuslow is equivalent to CONFIG+=vulkanslow CONFIG+=glslow


  • Improved reliability of streaming during momentary drops of WiFi connections
  • Improved performance with high polling rate mice
  • Improved input latency when a gamepad is connected
  • Improved detection of VPNs when streaming
  • Added missing command-line options to control HDR and AV1 codec usage
  • Added dri-nonfree and dri-freeworld paths to the AppImage's VAAPI driver path list for Fedora 40
  • Fixed failure to launch from outside a desktop environment on Raspberry Pi 5 devices
  • Fixed instant connection termination error when streaming over the Internet behind certain Carrier-Grade NAT devices
  • Fixed several bugs with full-screen mode on macOS
  • Fixed incorrect MTU detection when streaming over the Internet without a VPN
  • Fixed recovery of audio when no audio output device is present when the stream starts
  • Fixed inability to redirect stdout and stderr when launching from the command line on Windows
  • Fixed compatibility with Rockchip MPP FFmpeg decoder
  • Fixed handling incompatible SDL_VIDEODRIVER settings when using EGLFS or LinuxFB Qt platform backends
  • Fixed merging of gamepad state when multi-controller mode is disabled
  • Fixed indefinitely resending mDNS queries when a host could not be resolved
  • Fixed Steam Controller detection on Steam Link
  • Fixed inability to pair when the host is not using a RSA-2048 key
  • Updated included gamepad mappings
  • Updated community-contributed translations from Weblate

Dependency Updates:

  • Updated Windows installer to WiX v5
  • Updated to libva 2.21 in AppImage builds
  • Updated SDL2
  • Updated to FFmpeg 7.0.1
  • Updated to dav1d 1.4.2
  • Updated to SDL2-ttf 2.22.0
  • Updated to Qt 6.7.1 for Windows ARM64 builds


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